We all know when we play sport we need to look after our bodies… but it is also important to look after our minds.

Good mental health is a state of mind that lets us to be able to cope with life’s ups and downs. It is normal to experience a wide variety of emotions, including those that are negative. When those negative emotions go on for weeks or months, or impact our day-to-day activities, like sport or connecting with friends, that they may be a sign of a mental health condition.

Some things that might be signs someone’s mental health is not doing so well are:

  • Changes to their ‘typical’ mood or personality. They may be more irritable, sad, angry or worried than they usually are.
  • Lose of interest in things they usually enjoy, or not finding the pleasure in them
  • Low self-esteem or having a poor view of themselves
  • Having trouble concentrating or paying attention. Their performance whilst playing sport might drop.
  • Withdraw from others, not wanting not contact or spend time with people as much.
  • Change to appetite or weight
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Change in appear, not taking care of themselves as well
  • Saying usual, distressing or troubling thoughts
  • Expressing feelings that life is hopeless

If your know someone that shows some of these signs and would like some advice you can go to he following websites:

Black Dog Institute

Beyond Blue


How you look after your mental health is unique to you.

The image below could help you get some ideas for you.