Congratulations to all of our award winners.
Fiona Coutts and Tanya Glascott for Best Club People.

A special congratulations to:
Our newest Life Members, Erica Blake and Danielle Hanson
Daniel Werner for the Amy Pilgrim Award.
Jerae Trigg                     50 club games

Casey Vanstan             150 club games

Mel Emmerson            100 club games

Tyler Coutts                 100 Club games

Kyal Murray                 100 Senior games

Erica Blake                  250 club games

Danielle Hanson          250 club games

Cheryl Sudholz             350 club games

Michelle Trigg             350 club games



Vote Count:


A Grade          
B & F – Bethany Sudholz
Runner Up – Emily Hateley
3rd B & F – Danielle Hanson


B Grade          
B & F – Jo Taylor
Runner Up – Casey Vanstan
3rd B & F – Courtney Cameron


C Grade
B & F – Shelly Stockdale
Runner Up – Mary-Jean Kerr
3rd B & F – Kate-Lyn Perkin
Coaches Award           – Janelle Bales


C Reserve
B & F – Millie Jacobs
Runner Up – Cherie Tomlins
3rd B & F – Melissa Emmerson
Coaches Award – Victoria Potter


B&F – Todd Stevenson
R/UP – Mitch Riddell
Most Consistent  – Jono Lovel
Most Determined – Adam Coutts
Coach’s Award – Matt Lee
Goal Kicking – Nathan Koenig, 45 Goals


B&F – Daniel Werner
R/UP – Matthew Williams
Most Consistent  – Jett Munn
Coach’s Award – Jack Werner
Goal Kicking – Jett Munn. 30 goals